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Cutting the Cord Wasn’t Easy

| Electronics and Technology | No Comments
Anyone who remembers life before Cable TV should be wondering how we got to the point where television entertainment costs over $1,000 per year. High speed Internet and video streaming…

COVID-19 Rant

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This website may not remain a WordPress blog. I was excited about it until money became an issue. It's not a matter of affordability; my websites will remain funded. Writing…

New Year, New Direction

| Web Development and Programming | No Comments
I'm sorry it's been a while. A lot is happening with my personal life and 2020 will mark a change. No longer will software development be more than a hobby…

I’m Still Alive

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It's been a long time since I last posted. While the purpose still remains, my personal life has been in turmoil. I'm planning a fresh start in 2020 with more…