I’m sorry it’s been a while. A lot is happening with my personal life and 2020 will mark a change. No longer will software development be more than a hobby for me. Looking back in my life, the ten years of doing IT was when I wrote some of my best programs. They weren’t for sale and I was approached with actual problems to solve. I could write a solution in one week that would save the company thousands of dollars. It was from this where I sought software engineering, and to be honest I could never find a project that made me happy unless it was short-lived.

So, since November I’ve sought a CompTIA A+ Certification. I’ll post when I get it, hopefully a week or two. I won’t write about the tests, but as I look at the technology, I’ll write about that. I got a Raspberry Pi 4 at Christmas time and have plans to use it with my LAN for some networking projects. It’s fun working with Linux; I used to be a SunOS and Solaris Sys Admin. I got the job by installing Slackware Linux on my old 486SLC motherboard back in 1995. For those who weren’t born yet, updating Linux on these boards through a 33k modem used to take overnight. The Linux version was something like 0.99 and even Red Hat hadn’t made a distribution yet. Inodes and low formatting are a thing of the past now. The hobbyist in me wants to go back to those days, but the real me won’t have the time.

There is still my personal matters to take care of, but I promise more food recipes and other interests are coming. I may do another thirty day challenge when things settle down. More photography too. I will be changing the look of this site to rid it of images that slow it down. The images will end up in a gallery.