This website may not remain a WordPress blog. I was excited about it until money became an issue. It’s not a matter of affordability; my websites will remain funded. Writing has become a problem because without the passion or excitement for doing it, it becomes hard. I avoid politics – when writing about society on my other blog (I remain anonymous there) politics makes up a small part of that site overall. This website was to have no politics on it; this post changes that. For this one time only I will include mention of politics, not because of my trust or distrust of one side, but because with COVID-19 it doesn’t matter. If a pandemic can plague this nation and politics is still the number one concern of the media, then I can’t avoid talking about it. They mention Coronavirus in every story but it’s mostly a cover for pinning blame.

I want to be a writer. while laid off from a low-wage job, now’s the time to do it. Next time.

It doesn’t matter what, where, why, how or when this virus started. It doesn’t matter who said to continue to party in big crowds before reversing that a month later. What is true is that someone says something, someone else says something, then one pot calls the other kettle black. None of it helps the situation. What matters is that everyone is contributing to the problem and shunning a solution. Even I am by writing this – my goal here is not to get one side mad at me – it is to get everyone mad at me. I know how.

While many are unemployed at this time, only three weeks from being happily employed, those who are monetizing their media medium are getting richer. Everyone has advice and while everyone is looking for advice, the opportunity is being taken advantage of. Paragraphs written about what coronavirus is, can be shortened to simply, “I don’t know.” Here is the only place if one place is needed: This website covers everything.

Frankly, I’m sick of knowing what entertainers test positive. As long as we the people don’t know how it spreads, protecting ourselves comes down to others. Who do you trust? It doesn’t matter. Big parades went on despite spread of the virus. Mardi Gras went on despite spread of the virus. Spring Break went on despite spread of the virus. Cruise ships go on despite the spread of the virus. Look at the highest concentrations of the virus. We don’t need TV, radio or newspaper to answer that question anymore. Whether or not it is intentional to weaponize a virus, this virus is being weaponized.

Going to Best Buy to get some gear for a long-planned change at my house, I was not allowed in the store. A representative helped me from curbside. After that encounter I drove by two city buses doing their normal rounds. Who’s right: the buses that help to gather mobs, or the store that makes shopping too unpleasant to desire? Can we stay home? Apparently in some states, yes. But it is not helping to solve the problem.

People are tracking COVID-19. No one tracked the flu for comparison. I’ll bet no one will track the suicides either. The economic impact will require drastic measures. I used to be a libertarian. It’s been a while but I still side with libertarians over authoritarians. But this situation is too bad to be a libertarian right now. I’m supporting the federal government’s actions to take care of this, primarily the executive branch. People can’t afford to bail themselves out, especially those who’ve been laid off. Criticizing stimulus bills and adding pet pork to them is equally evil. Now is not the time to bicker. I am a pot; kettles can call me black. I’m only bickering because determining right from wrong takes more information than any of us know. I am writing this because I have a solution.

Now the part that no one will like. Shut down all communications except the Emergency Broadcast System. Do this for however long it takes. This drastic call will shorten the needed time because only one place is coordinating the effort to save the most lives outside of medical facilities. Only one place has the the money and resources to lead us at this time of war. Imagine when this info-addicted world has no place to go? Maybe people will withdraw and discover a world that man hasn’t polluted. Maybe a change will slow down this hectic world and in the end, we’ll all be nicer to each other. Do you have books you haven’t read?

That’s my rant. A simple solution that no one will endorse because they don’t have the virus. I don’t have it and don’t plan on getting it. But would you rather have this virus instead of some time to do something else? We can’t plan to not get it, because we don’t know how close we are to it. Sixty million Americans got the H1N1 virus as far as I know. I wan’t one of them. No one told us to do anything until it was too late. Was there panic? No. With this one there is. Keeping things the way they are now is not helping anyone. It is time to get out of the way. Shut down the half-assumed news and information.