This year I’ll be sixty-two. Starting next month, I’ll work three days a week. Hopefully in May, there will be more time to write. A lot of work needs to be done at home. The pandemic and the government shutdowns (the real problem) have made Maria and I more depressed. Loved ones are in hospitals and no one can visit. Our current federal government (as of January 20) has shown that they will lock down the American people but allow foreigners to walk in to this country. They will put a wall around the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. but will stop the wall around the country. People have lost jobs since then and energy prices are going up. They spend as much time as they can to punish a man who lost the election rather than helping the American people suffering from the lock downs.

The rant is over, but my life isn’t. This blog will continue to focus on technology and its continuing demise. I plan to move this blog away from WordPress and go with my own blogging tools. I still love web development but don’t like modern tools. It’s back to the basics. I plan a modern feel but older technology. More to come about that.

That’s it for now.